Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting Started- the reluctant artist

So, Been trying to think of something to write that would be fascinating, insightful and marvelously popular. And, I rediscovered the truth that if you are going to do something- do it.

Just get started.

Really. It's amazing how well that works. Every time I try to plan out the perfect project, the great article, the marvelous mural, I experience a deep, visceral fear of failure that paralyzes me. Then my natural talent for procrastination and excuses takes over- and nothing gets done. I collect materials, pore over other people's work, even clean my house. (Now that's Serious Procrastination!)

On the other hand, if you get going, even if your start is terrible, at least you are moving and you can redirect your course as you go. Then, all the ideas which have been mired up in fear and procrastination suddenly break through the muck and emerge in glistening glory and you are hard pressed to contain them long enough to transfer them to paper or canvas.

The progression isn't always neat and lovely, and the end result may not be what you thought when you began, but as you trust your instincts and work out the snaffoos, Art is the result.

Blank wall waiting for paint.
Charcoal and color wash idea
Revised idea- bunny removed, trowel and butterfly added.
Finished painting, including painted frame and shadow
 Trompe l'eiol in action- being slightly askew, people keep trying to straighten the frame!

So, the next time fear tries to paralyze you- knock it aside with your brushes and paints and just 

Get Started!


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